This semester in History 390 : The Digital Past, I was able to learn about a lot of things I had barely even heard of before and it overall turned out to be a great class. Starting off in this class, I really had no idea what I was doing and like I said, had barely heard of the stuff included on the syllabus. I was expecting this class to be a real challenge for me, and although I would say it was challenging, I would say it in the best way possible.

 I am also a marketing major, and I think that knowing how to do historical research and creating something like a website could help me on this career path. It’s important to know how to be creative, while also being analytical and I think that this class definitely showed me how to do that with all of our assignments. I felt like I was gaining new information and ideas each week that went by in this class. Even the first few weeks where we learned about metadata and copyright, I was able to gain so much knowledge on those topics, which are quite important in my opinion. I would say that those were the 2 topics that I most enjoyed and that have really stuck with me till now, especially copyright. I obviously knew what copyright was, but I guess I never really knew how it worked and how important it can be.

Online learning has been a bit hard for me this semester and I was having trouble, but this course and the professor made it way more enjoyable. The way it was set up went along with my personal learning preferences and I felt like I was really able to take in the information and apply it to real life scenarios. Creating a website and learning how to navigate that, while also thinking about things like making it look good and adding pictures, was a challenge for me, but I really enjoyed learning how to work with it all. I felt like it was a very hands-on learning experience and I think that it helped me retain the information we learned during the videos/readings/assignments we did each week. 

Overall I really feel like I was able to gain a lot of knowledge on many different topics and also learned how to create and navigate a website, which I think is great and will be super beneficial for many of my classes in the future. The website was a big part of this class and not only was I able to learn how to create one, but I was also able to learn so much more about where I grew up and the history behind it. I never really took the time to research Fairfax or anything that has happened in the past that makes it into the place it is today. I definitely found this class beneficial and I would recommend it to a friend looking for a good IT class.

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