The Internet today is society’s main source of communication and main source for information and data. It is a global network that connects computer networks across the world, which allows people to use it for many different purposes, some including research, social media/entertainment, electronic mail, creating friendships/relationships, and so many other things. Something we’re gonna talk about today is google. 

Google is an American multinational technology business launched by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on September 4, 1998 in Menlo Park, California. They are known for its popular search engine, email service and various tools such as, google docs, slides, etc. I’m sure if not all, a majority of those reading this have at least used google once to search for something, whether it was a simple question, such as ‘how many cups are in 4 gallons?’ or a more specific question that you may have while writing a paper or doing a project for school, ‘what were the main causes of the civil war?’ Either way, google can be a great resource, and they somehow manage to always show you the right things; you may ask, “How do they do that?” and today you’re going to find out. 

So, let’s start off with metadata, because I know I had never even heard of that word prior to taking a class on the digital past. To construct the perfect results when you search something, the internet needs to take in information based on your searches and interests. This information that they collect, is called Metadata. In short, it is data that describes other data. It may seem a bit creepy at first, you know, how the internet is copying down and remembering some of your information, but it can actually be very helpful and resourceful for many reasons. Metadata is something that is widely used today and is constantly being used and collected to provide users with the best possible experience. Not only does it allow the search engine to create more accurate and relevant search results for a specific person, but there are also many benefits of it to the businesses and markets that choose to use it. 

I am definitely someone that uses google for ALL my questions since it is so accessible and fast. When people like me constantly use google for every question they might have, google is able to get a pretty good understanding of the type of sources we typically look for, stores we commonly purchase things from and our interests based on the topics of the questions/facts we are searching. This means that everyone’s search results are different, even if you are searching the same thing word for word, because one person might be into scholarly journals, articles and books, while someone elses searches might have to do with cooking, traveling and shopping. I’m also sure you might have noticed that occasionally, google does not give you the results you were looking for or ones that may not be relevant to your topic. This could be for  a variety of reasons, the main two being, one there were little to few matches for your search and they did the best they could, or two, your page is filled with advertisements, which companies paid for to get at the top of the search engine. 

Now that we talked about what metadata is and the importance of it, we were able to see how businesses like google, use that to create a perfect experience for their consumer. I hope everyone has a better understanding of the main question, “How does google create the perfect search results for me?” Always make sure the sources you get from google are credible to ensure you are getting the right information, and keep on searching!


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